Meet the cuisinons in our Lower Elementary level. Cuisinons is the word for "chefs" in French. The Renaissance School has a very strong language immersion program. Our students learn English, French and Spanish. These cuisinons are ages six to nine years old. They were involved in our first cooking project of this school year. They made  champignons farcis et crème de gorgonzola (stuffed mushrooms and gorgonzola cream) and at the same time improved their French, analytical and social skills. This is an example of how our curriculum is one of integrated studies.


In the span of two weeks these young Renaissance School chefs learned the names of the ingredients and kitchen tools they will be using en français and multiplied the recipe so that it was large enough to share with the entire class.  They also determined which ingredients were available in the classroom and which ones needed to be purchased. Before they went to the grocery store, they planned who would be responsible for the shopping list, who would be responsible for the cash and who would be responsible for the reusable bags.  Then it was off to the grocery store!



They worked almost totally independently. An adult was with them, following them only to ensure their safety. After collecting and purchasing all of their ingredients, the students returned to the school, ready for their cooking day!




The students served the champignons farcis et crème de gorgonzola as a side dish with a pizza lunch. The cuisinons received top reviews.

As a general rule, we encourage all students to have a taste of what was prepared so they can expand their taste buds. We also do our best to accommodate all dietary needs.