Our Montessori program spends much time on practical life tasks. Children learn time management, group cooperation and many grace and courtesy skills. These are learned along with a growing awareness that each individual has value as a contributor to our Renaissance International School community.          

In our Primary III classroom, grace and courtesy lessons have recently focused on the following:

1. How to use a hanger to hang jackets

2. How to carry a plate, glass, utensils, and place mat

3. How to clean up after lunch, and load the dishwasher

4. How to walk around rugs, paying attention to where we step

5. How to serve snack, following the menu

6. How to sit in circle


7. How to greet each other during drop off and pick up

8. How to sit in a chair properly

9. How to stand and walk in line

10. How to organize work trays

In the classroom, we discuss that respect means not interrupting those at work, focusing on our own work, carrying materials properly and working with them carefully. In circle, we respect each other by listening when someone is talking, and paying attention to our body movements so as not to distract others. Outside, we show respect by playing games that do not scare, hurt, or exclude others, and by using proper language when speaking to each other.