The Renaissance School (TRS) is a Montessori school in Oakland serving children ages two through grade 8. Leslie Hites, who continues to serve as Head of School, founded TRS in 1992.

The Renaissance idea is reflected throughout the curriculum. Students are encouraged to explore the world through a Spanish and French language immersion program, choral instruction, a studio arts program, travel, and

above all, individualized instruction that allows students to learn and grow at their own pace and achieve their academic, social and emotional potential.

Starting at age 2, students participate in a dual language immersion program.  In first grade, they enter a tri-lingual immersion program (English, French, and Spanish). This results in children becoming comfortable with more than one language at an early age.

The curriculum also includes choral instruction utilizing the Kodály Method, a successful Hungarian technique specifically designed for teaching music to children. Instrumental music instruction is also available on an extracurricular basis.

In addition, one of the cornerstones of the school’s program is our unparalleled studio arts program. The school stages a popular art show each June at a donated gallery, showcasing at least two pieces of each student’s artwork.

Hearing different languages, studying music and art in diverse settings, along with special outdoor educational experiences like camping and even international trips helps our students express themselves well, gain a lifelong love of learning and become citizens of the world.

Above all, faculty and staff at TRS have a true respect for children, and treat each one as an individual. Our teachers are trained in the Schools Attuned program, which helps children learn in the best way possible for them.

Two-hour, in-depth tours of The Renaissance School are available by appointment, year round. Reserve online by clicking on the program level of the tour you want to attend. (Pre Primary/Primary or Kindergarten/Elementary).

Reservations may also be made by calling 510-531-8566. Tours are two hours in length and adults only, please.